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How to Find a Quality Landscaping Company in KY

Just as with many industries, in the Kentucky landscaping profession there are niches that particular companies will specifically cater to.  Therefore it is important before you even begin your search that you know what you are looking for and your landscaping service needs.  Would you like to merely keep your yard?  Implement an installation?  Address drainage issues?  Become acquainted with your property. Be aware and educated on your trees, weeds, slopes and troublesome areas.  It is also important to take the time to do some research and gather ideas about how you want your lawn to look. 

Talk to your neighbors about who they have worked with and their landscaping experiences.  The more you know, the easier the process of finding the right landscaper will be.  You will be able to pinpoint exactly what you need and narrow your search down to only those landscaping companies in Kentucky providing and excelling in those areas.  Landscaping is a joint effort.  A company cannot bring your vision to fruition if you don't know what that vision is.

What to Look for and Expect from a Top Kentucky Landscaping Company

When considering and selecting a landscape company in Kentucky there are several factors that should be taken into account:

Experience -  How long have they been in business?  Just how much hands-on experience does their current staff have?

Education -  Has anyone on staff been trained in soils, pesticides, insects, etc.?  Are they experienced in the local horticulture?  Is he or she aware of new practices and research available in Kentucky?

Affiliations & Credentials -  Are they part of a specialist association in Kentucky?  What credentials, if any, have they got? What references can be provided?

Philosophy -  Particularly when it comes to fertilizers and water use, it’s important to know what and how they are being used.  For those trying to be as green as possible, this is an especially important question.  No matter what your own viewpoint, you need to know exactly what is being used on your lawn.

IPM -  Integrated Pest Management.  Discover what your local Kentucky landscaping providers know about IPM.  As opposed to completely killing off pests (which is not good nor is it actually), IPM aims to avoid pest issues via a more holistic approach.  By using biological, physical and cultural methods, IPM prevents and manages pest issues.  Chemical resolutions will always be used as a last resort.

Soil -  Healthy soil is the main foundation of great landscaping.  Do they administer a soil test?  Is organic enriching available?

Tips on Landscaping Company Comparison Shopping in Kentucky

When you are looking at pricing, get at least three bids.  This will permit you to shop around and get answers in regards to what is actually feasible within your budget, allowing you to adjust your plans accordingly.  Once you've taken the leap and settle on a particular Kentucky landscaping company, make sure you get your work plan in writing.  Consider:

  • Bad weather (draw up a contingency plan)
  • Guarantees on plants and structures
  • When will work start
  • Duration of work
  • Clean up
  • Follow up maintenance
  • Expected subcontracting