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What to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Furniture in Titusville , FL

Do you have a deck, porch, patio, sun room or pool? If you do, you’ve probably spent time thinking about what kind of outdoor furniture is best suited for the outside of your Titusville home. The proper furniture can make your outdoor space a truly livable extension of the interior and increase the value of your property.

Learn how to decide on the best outdoor furniture – what to consider before buying, which materials work best for outdoor furniture in Titusville, FL, the different types of furnishings and more.

What to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Furniture in Titusville

Climate – The climate and weather conditions in Titusville should be among the top factors affecting which outdoor furniture you ultimately buy. Do you get extremely high or low temperature during the summer and winter months? Is there very little or an abundance of rain throughout the year? Have you got a lot of pollen in the air where you reside in Titusville, FL?  

These are the sort of questions you need to contemplate before you purchase outdoor furniture for your Titusville home.

Your outdoor space – Your outdoor space will determine what sort of outdoor furniture is appropriate. The dimensions of the space is, obviously, the top concern and can limit the kind of outdoor furniture you ultimately get. Make sure that the furniture isn’t so big that it dominates the space.

Also bear in mind whether it's a covered, open area or both. If there is a fire pit or pond account for this in your planning and don’t crowd those areas.

Purpose of the outdoor furniture – Precisely what is your outdoor space used for? How will the the outdoor furniture be used in the space? Some people use their outdoor space primarily for entertaining while others use it for quiet relaxation. The outdoor furniture that you choose will add to the atmosphere and functionality so don’t buy before you decide what you really need to use your outdoor area for the most.

Price range – You may be surprised at how expensive some outdoor furniture can get. Set a budget beforehand and adhere to it. Prioritize which pieces are most important, remember you can always get the additional pieces at a later date, and if you wait for the fall and winter season you could find outdoor furniture for bargain prices.

Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture in Titusville

Woods – Wood, being a natural material, is an excellent selection for outdoor furniture in Titusville because it weathers well. Teak is a popular choice because it's very strong, although it is more expensive than other choices. Cedar is another popular choice for outdoor furniture.  

Fabrics – If you're purchasing cushions, umbrellas or table covers make sure that they are made with outdoor fabric. These fabrics are fade resistant, mildew resistant, waterproof and typically sturdier than fabrics used for indoor furniture, linens and clothing. Typical outdoor fabrics include polyester, acrylic, polyester-cotton blends and other synthetic fibers.

Metals – Metals aren’t always the best choice for outdoor furniture in Titusville, particularly if the furniture is going to be fully exposed to the elements. Metals will rust and become brittle out in the rain and sun if they aren’t treated. If you want to go with metal frames aluminum is a good choice because it doesn’t rust, is lightweight and still durable.

Plastic – It may not sound like the most aesthetic option but plastic offers a lot of variety, it’s affordable and it’s very weather resistant. Go for hard plastic resin materials if you choose this material.

Types of Outdoor Furniture for Your Titusville Home

When you are looking for outdoor furniture there’s something to fit everyone’s tastes and needs. Below are just a few types of outdoor furniture that can make your Titusville, Florida home more appealing and functional.

  • Swings
  • Loungers
  • Umbrellas
  • Table sets
  • Adirondacks
  • Benches
  • Gliders